About me

As a yoga teacher since 2001, I was used to a (near) daily yoga practice, even pregnant.  Once my son was born however, I found it difficult to squeeze my practice in.  There also wasn’t time for the pilates and physical therapy exercises I like to do for my slipped disc.  The result was a cranky mommy with sore shoulders and an aching back.

Whenever I laid down my mat, my son would want to nurse.  We found out when he was 4 months old that he was nursing every 20 minutes due to a tongue and lip tie.  During those first 4 months, his struggle to gain weight plus my struggle to keep my back and mind healthy resulted in Nursercise.  Together, my son and I experimented with how I could exercise and he could breastfeed – simultaneously.

 I drew on my training as a contemporary dancer, yoga teacher, and dance/movement psychotherapist.  He drew on his experience as an adorable hungry baby.  We rolled around and bounced on the physio-ball and before I knew it we had a daily routine.  My back and my spirits were feeling better and he enjoyed the bonding time, and the milk.
 My son’s tongue and lip tie have since been fixed and he doesn’t nurse as often now.  Breastfeeding has not been a simple journey, but each step along the way Nursercise grew.  Nurturecise is what I named the moments of bonding and exercising where baby isn’t nursing.  There are also exercises to do while pumping.

I hope to be a guide for you as you figure out the duet of you and your baby bonding and growing stronger together.

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